Pros and cons of living on the first floor

In fact, not all buyers have the interest in choosing the highest floor when they are going to buy a condo unit of Grandeur Park Tanah Merah. On the other hand, you may also not have the reasons for spending your time on the middle floor. This means that you like first or lower floor better than the high floors, right?

As more and more mentioned, theft becomes the concern of many condo’s tenants, especially when they are living on the first floor, where more and more people can access it. Choosing first floor also means you need high tolerance for both pets and noise (if the condo management allows tenants to bring the pets enter into their unit). For your information, the noise is not only from the footsteps above your unit but also the traffic outside. Those who want to save electricity bills during using the heating system may not like the first floor but why? During rainy season, the heating costs will increase and leads the owner of condo unit pays more for the energy bill.

Since the condo is available for everyone, seniors or elders can also stay in condo for their retirement after they sell their current home. Imagine how risky if your parents choose to live on the high floor? Simply talk, first floor can be perfect for the elderly and those who don’t want the physical exertion of taking the stairs and the elevator. If you and your loved one love cold temperatures, you will spend less on air conditioner bills. For the security, you will have opportunity to deal with the condo project that comes with high security level although you finally choose the lower or even first floor.

The selection can vary depending on your desire but make sure to focus on the needs of you and your loved ones first. Call us for any inquire or to get the quote.