What to Know to Demolish Concretes Properly

If you need to demolish the concretes of your residential place, it is important to do the process of demolishing the concretes as proper as possible so that there will be no unexpected problem to happen. A good provider of house demolition services will know how to do that so you should only hire such a provider. How to demolish concrete properly? Some explanations to do so, then, will be discussed below.

You have to try to enlarge if there is an existing gap. As soon as there is a gap between the concrete that you want to last and concrete you want to keep, pluck it out with the same equipment to enlarge the gap until at least 8 cm, or enough so that you can remove pieces of concrete. The drill need to be kept in a tilted position at the first hole when you are working, so that the drill will not penetrate straight down without destroying most concrete. If the drill bit penetrates too deep, this thing could get caught in the hole and will be difficult to remove. If the drill bit really stuck, you may need to use a new drill to break the concrete around it and free the ones that stuck.

You can break larger pieces using a hammer or hammer breaker electrically. After a fairly wide gap is created so that you can avoid damaging the concrete sections you want to keep, you can use the methods below to remove the entire section cracked.

– Use the lever to get the fastest and most effective.
– Do not use electric hammer or other electrical equipment if you are near water pipes, electrical conduit, or similar objects.
– Remove the broken pieces and small parts of the concrete hole as you zoom in, so that the other pieces have room to fall without snagging. It also will allow you to find the location of pipes and electrical cables.
– Use wire cutters to cut the wire and a hacksaw to cut order.