Auto glass broken by itself, this is why

Automotive enthusiasts might have experienced the windshield suddenly broke without cause (break itself). The quality of the windshield is different between the windshield glass side and rear of the car where the glass in the front has the most excellent quality, while for the side glass and rear is lower quality. You can get More Help if you visit our website and find out about Arizona auto glass.

Here is the cause of the windshield is usually broken either while walking or when the car stopped:

Stone or gravel
Stone or gravel is a cursory look trivial but small pebble can solve the windshield if it hits the windshield at a sufficient speed, which usually happens is gravel trampled by a car in front of us so we drifted and hit the glass. If the pebble-shaped tapered / exposed pointy side, the potential rupture to be redoubled. Gravel is more dangerous than knock with a hammer with the same pressure as the end of the gravel could be more pointed.

Enabling defogger in continuing to increase the temperature of the surface portion of the glass, if the glass expands even though only a small percentage is enough to break the glass due to pressure on parts that do not expand and expand. This pressure difference can cause rupture of the glass as a whole given the character of the car glass if broken little then soon it will be a total rupture (broken / destroyed).

The road is in bad condition
When the cars pass by the poor road with uneven contours, what else there are many holes or bumpy roads and bumps can cause rupture of the windshield, if we pass a bumpy road too quickly then there will be shocks (excess pressure on the body). The pressure generated by the uneven roads is also uneven in all parts of the car body, which often happens is that pressure is not balanced and leads to the corners of the car body where the uneven pressure can suppress the windshield attached to the body (windshield and rear). The risk of rupture of the glass due to the potholes will increase dramatically if we carry on the car, for example with a roof rack or roof box carry considerable weight (over 75 kg).