Illness That Could Be Avoided With Brushing Teeth Regularly

If you visit Dentist Ajax to get a treatment, you probably remember the time where they will remind you to brush your teeth regularly to maintain your oral health. However, brushing teeth regularly not only to maintain oral health or got a brilliant smile. There are other health reasons why you’ll need to brush your teeth every morning and night before bed is more important than preventing tooth loss and cavities.

1. Lowering risk of heart attack

A number of studies have found a close link between unhealthy teeth with heart disease. In a study found, people who rarely or never brushed her teeth, 70 percent higher risk of heart attack. While in another study, researchers found that the risk of heart disease or high cholesterol can be predicted by analyzing the dental condition, is there a hollow, porous, bleeding gum or teeth dislodged. This is because harmful bacteria can get into the blood vessel through the teeth are missing. The bacteria can be nested in the heart and reduce the function and heart health.

2. Reduce the risk of stroke. In a recent study, people who have high blood pressure as a result of bad bacteria in the body susceptible to atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries in the neck. Hardening or blockage of these arteries can lead to stroke because blood flow to the brain becomes blocked.

3. Prevent Alzheimer. In a small study, researchers found the bacteria that cause gum disease on a sample of the brain of Alzheimer’s sufferers. Interestingly, the type of bacteria that have not been given this name is not found in brain samples from patients who did not have dementia. Not yet known why the bacteria are only found in Alzheimer’s patients. However, allegedly due to lazy to clean the teeth, so the bacteria continue to grow and go to the brain.