The Operational Hours of Chuck E Cheese

For those of you who are in love with Pizza that you want to have a slice of it for breakfast, this wish of yours can come true if you can go to Chuck E Cheese. In spite of not having any specific menu for breakfast, Chuch E Cheese, the family restaurant and entertainment centre that has been around for decades, is open quite early in the morning. For Sunday to Thursday, the restaurant is open at 11 am in the morning, whilst on the weekend, which is Sunday, it will open one hour earlier at 10 am. Those are the opening hours of Chuck E Cheese. What Time Does Chuck E Cheese Close?

The hours when the restaurant is closed are quite reasonable as they are set to be suited to the time set for children. Thus, on Sunday to Thursday, Chuck E Cheese will be closed at 9 pm, whilst on Friday and Saturday, the closing time will be around 10 pm.