Know the System Recovery Options in Windows 7

System Recovery Options menu is a collection of a variety of (group) in Windows Tools, which can be used to repair, restore and diagnostic problem-basic Windows system. In a previous article titled Startup Repair already mentioned a bit about this. System Recovery Options often called Windows Recovery Environment, or WinRE abbreviated. If you seeking for Data Backup in Philadelphia, kindly visit our website.

– System Recovery Options are only available in Windows 7, Vista, and some Windows Server.

– Start the Windows 8 System Recovery Options is replaced by the Advanced Startup Options.

– System Recovery Options is not available in Windows XP. Provided is a Repair Install menu (similar to the Startup Repair in Windows 7), and the Recovery Console menu (similar to the Command Prompt in Windows 7).

How to open the System Recovery Options

There are three (3) ways to access the System Recovery Options:

– Through Repair Your Computer on the Advanced Boot Options menu.
– Through the CD / DVD Windows Installer (boot from CD / DVD)
– Through a System Repair disc, if the two ways above is not possible. Disc Repair System can be created on another PC (Win 7), is then used to boot up and open the System Recovery Options on the PC that is problematic.

Menu in the System Recovery Options
System Recovery itself is a collection of menus, means running the System Recovery Options is running one of the menus in it. Here is a menu available:

– Startup Repair: It is a menu that can perform automatic fixes for problems that cause Windows could not start properly (fails to boot or failing loading).

– System Restore: This menu will run System Restore in Windows (normal mode). System Restore means they will be able to run from the “outside” of Windows to run on the System
– Recovery Options this. Very profitable if Windows can not loading properly.

– System Image Recovery: a tool to restore the computer using a file-full-disk backup that was made before. This is a great way to recovery system if all else has failed. Sure it depends on whether we always make a complete backup when PC in normal conditions. If not, then this tool would not be useful at all.

– Windows Memory Diagnostic: frequently abbreviated WMD, is a memory test program from Microsoft. Problem memory (RAM) can cause a lot of problems loading Windows, the tool will be very useful to check the health condition of memory (RAM) used. Windows Memory Diagnostic menu can not be run directly from the System Recovery Options. When selecting this menu, will appear the option to immediately restart the PC and automatically run the Windows Memory Diagnostic, or this menu will run automatically whenever we restart the PC. In essence, this menu will run after a restart phase.

– Command Prompt: Command Prompt in the System Recovery Options is basically the same as if we run the Command Prompt from within Windows 7 at the Administrator level.