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Although not known for certain, but there are differences in the neurotransmitter system between the depressed and non-depressed. There are some parts of the brain that do not work normally when depressed. Depression can occur in families, which means that the tendency of depression can be derived through genetic or hereditary factors. Research shows that women are two times more depressed than men. No one knows for sure, but the hormonal changes that occur in women in many times in life can be a contributing factor. Elderly people have a greater risk of depression. It can be caused by several other factors, such as living alone, lack of social support, and so forth. You’ve felt it all? Then you get depressed. To cure depression, you can not be healed by yourself but you need the help of others and the right which is Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is a church community that includes people who are committed and serious about their inner workings, one of which is a deep healing and personal transformation. This is not easy, this is not what you think of fun because it is more indicative of yourself that many people would rather not know about your fears, is not it? So many people bury their fears, but with Ayahuasca, you can tell me anything and Ayahuasca will help you to recover from all your fears with the method is simple but powerful way to apply that yoga and meditation, then held the trip to get closer to nature by to appreciate that the purpose of your life is very precious and you still have a beautiful dream.

Treatment techniques and treatment of depression are highly dependent on the type and cause of depression. There are various types of antidepressant drugs whose use prescribed by a doctor, and some treatments that can be done alone. Life changes such as frequent exercise and reduces the consumption of alcoholic beverages can provide benefits for patients with depression. You can also join the group-therapy group to share stories and give each other support. As a result of the most severe depression is a tendency to commit suicide. Try to always share their stories to the people closest to you about the matter at hand. Patients are also strongly advised to see a doctor, especially if the depression has lasted a long time or worse. The earlier treatment for depression, the chances of recovery as a whole can be obtained.